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Farewell to the Kyanite Cape

By oilofamber, May 4 2016 03:27AM

High beyond the clouds and over the ocean you go. Kyanite Cape has found its new home in Alice Springs, Australia. To a beautiful creator goddess of earthly art. The incredibly soft, organic lining of hempsilk drapes gracefully over the body. While the cozy blanket warm vintage mohair wool on its outer shell reflects easy love and cool winds. Handmade by yours truly, within the sun painted hills of Southern California. Touched by mother earths gifts of Kyanite mineral stones, wood beads and indigo root. Scalloped embroidery gently rolls over the edges. When worn a sense of tranquilty, self-expression and balance will connect you to inner-self and the enviornment. A bid of farewell goes to my dear Kyanite Cape. What a sweet honey kissed adventure it was in creating this piece of my imagination.

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